Jury Duty: Know What to Expect


A jury provides a means for objective resolution on very difficult, often emotional issues. Juries are asked to listen and render a verdict on criminal charges and civil complaints, such as personal injury claims. At the law firm of Nance Cacciatore, we rely upon Florida residents who have been summoned for jury duty to render fair decisions on the liability associated with serious personal injury and wrongful death cases.

What to Expect When Summoned for Court

If you have received a Summons for Court, you likely have many questions: What do I do? How long will I have to serve? Am I eligible for excusal? What is my role as a juror?

If you have been summoned for jury duty, you will be asked to report to court during the specified time period. You will complete a questionnaire that briefly tells the court (and lawyers) about you. These questionnaires will be used to create a random pool of potential jurors to be questioned by the attorneys on a specific case. The purpose of this selection process is to obtain an objective pool of jurors to hear a case.

Jurors who are selected for a particular trial will be required to serve the entire trial, which in many cases will only last a few days. Certain people, such as the elderly, expectant mothers, parents caring for young children or police officers MAY be excused upon request to and determination by the court.

What Jurors Should Expect When Summoned in a Personal Injury Case

When serving jury duty on a personal injury or wrongful death case, you will hear lawyers discuss issues of liability and damages. Such terms can be confusing when many facts and concepts are being introduced in court.

Liability: In essence, liability is responsibility for the incident and the resulting expenses incurred due to an accident or incident. The fact that an individual never intended for the accident to occur and is likely very sorry for the turmoil the injured individual is enduring is not relevant to the determination of liability. The fact remains that an accident occurred and if negligence was involved, the negligent party should be held responsible – liable – for the damages.

Damages: Damages are the economic and non-economic relief to which the claimant (the injured individual) is entitled. Damages in a personal injury case may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other relief. In a wrongful death case, damages may also include funeral expenses and loss of companionship (also referred to as consortium).

The Melbourne law firm of Nance Cacciatore is honored by persons serving their civic duty on a jury. We trust that if you have been selected for jury duty in Florida, you will have an open mind and will provide a fair judgment – whether it be for or against the plaintiff’s claim.

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