Tobacco Litigation Verdicts

Tobacco Industry Pays Billions – $11.3B Lawsuit filed against Tobacco Industry

In 1995 James H. Nance was one of nine lawyers selected by then Governor Lawton Chiles to represent the State against the Tobacco Industry. The firms involved were asked by the Governor and the Attorney General of the State of Florida to represent the state’s citizens and taxpayers in this landmark effort to hold this global industry accountable for smoking-related illnesses paid for by the state’s Medicaid and related insurance programs over the past half century.

After incredibly intense and complex litigation, on the eve of trial the Industry agreed to settle with the State of Florida for the sum of $11.3 billion dollars to be paid out over a number of years. The monies, as envisioned by the late Governor Chiles, were intended to reimburse the state’s taxpayers for these losses and a separate fund was to be established to help educate children about the health hazards associated with smoking. Nance Cacciatore was honored to be chosen by these bold visionaries and proud to represent the citizens of Florida in this monumental effort.

As Governor Chiles said, the State won on three important battlegrounds: “Protecting Florida’s children, making tobacco pay for the damage it has cost our taxpayers and for cigarette makers to finally tell the truth.

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