Products Liability

Confidential Settlement – Defective Chain

The Plaintiff purchased a welded chain from a major retail distributor. The chain was being used by Plaintiff to put tension on a tractor to help remove it from “sugar sand”. While using the chain, a weld broke and a portion of the chain whipped back, crashed through the cab of the tractor, ultimately hitting the Plaintiff in the face. He suffered facial lacerations, orbital injuries, broken facial bones, cracked teeth, and neck injuries. The distributor of the chain denied liability and forced suit to be filed. Multiple experts, including metallurgists and heavy equipment operators, were hired by both sides. The Plaintiff’s expert x-rayed the chain and determined that there were multiple incomplete “cold” welds. The case was heavily litigated and set for trial. Just a few weeks before trial, Jamie Nance were able to effectuate a settlement for the client.

Confidential Settlement – Exploding soda can

While at the cash register checking out, a soda can exploded in the Plaintiff’s face. This caused injuries to her eyes and orbit area. Nance Cacciatore settled the case prior to trial.

Confidential Settlement – Defective Clothes Dryer Switch

The Plaintiff, who was doing laundry as normal, opened her dryer door and began to reach into the dryer to retrieve her clothes. As she reached in, the dryer switch (that shuts the machine down when the door is open) failed, causing the dryer to continue to spin. One of the articles of clothing wrapped around the Plaintiff’s arm and pulled her partially into the dryer. She suffered injuries to her hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Nance Cacciatore handled the case. An x-ray machine was brought in from Jacksonville to test the switch. After test results were revealed to the Defendant Corporation, negotiations began. Nance Cacciatore was able to obtain a settlement for his client that paid her medical bills, provided her money for any future medicals and compensated her for the pain/suffering she experienced.

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