Premise Liability/Slip and Fall

$600,000 – Forklift Accident at Lowe’s

The Plaintiff was a customer at the Lowe’s Home and Garden Center in West Melbourne, FL. At the time he was standing in the checkout line, a store employee driving a forklift ran into him from behind. The Plaintiff suffered a variety of orthopedic injuries in particular a low back injury which resulted in severe stenosis of his lumbar spine. He became a candidate for reconstructive surgery which thus far has not become necessary.

The Plaintiff was represented by Attorney Jack Hamilton and his case was resolved amicably at a mediation conference for $600,000.00.

$425,000 – Elevator Malfunction

The Plaintiff who was an owner of a condominium unit at Oceanwalk Beach Condominium in Indian Harbour Beach sustained serious and debilitating permanent injuries to his cervical and lumbar spine when the elevator within his condominium building malfunctioned. After entering the elevator on the 4th Floor, it descended very rapidly giving the plaintiff the feeling of “free falling” and without warning came to a very violent and sudden stop between the first and second floors. The force of the elevator’s motion and sudden stop knocked the Plaintiff to the floor and resulted in the immediate onset of pain. As a result of this elevator fall, the Plaintiff sustained multiple injuries including a herniated disc in his low back and several bulging discs in his neck.

Nance Cacciatore settled this case just before trial for $425,000.00 on behalf of his client.

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