Pedestrian Injuries/Motor Vehicle Accidents

$5 Million – Pedestrian Death Trial

The decedent was home in Merritt Island on Spring Break from the University of Florida. At approximately 11:10 a.m., she went for a jog near Rotary Park on S. Courtenay Parkway and, while on bike path, a dump truck operated by one of Defendant’s employees lost control, flipped on its side, and careened off the road onto the bike path, striking the decedent. She was transported by air ambulance to an Orlando hospital and declared brain dead.

Life support was disconnected and an organ donation was made. The defendant driver claimed that his vehicle was overloaded with fill dirt, causing his vehicle to “float.” The driver had been driving the dump truck for nearly thirty miles in that alleged condition. Eyewitnesses claimed that the driver was traveling in excess of forty-five mph in a thirty-five mph zone. The Defendant alleged comparative negligence against Crusher Siteworks, Inc. (a non-party entity that had loaded the dirt into the dump truck two hours previous to the accident).

Nance Cacciatore and S. Sammy Cacciatore obtained a jury verdict of $5,053,000. They had previously filed a proposal for settlement with the Court for $3,000,000 which was rejected by the defense. This jury verdict resulted in the defense having to pay significant attorney’s fees and costs in addition to the verdict.

$2 million – Catastrophic Automobile Accident Settlement

At Nance Cacciatore we believe that having expert witnesses is key when it comes to automobile accident cases. Attorney Jack Hamilton obtained a $2 million recovery for a young man who, as a pedestrian, had been struck by a tractor trailer on I-95. The plaintiff and his father had stopped along the side of the highway to remove a ladder that had fallen off another vehicle, as they thought that it represented a safety hazard. While the rest of the vehicles on the highway slowed, the defendant trucker did not. The plaintiff’s attorneys hired a truck driving expert to show that the truck driver should have had a clear view of sight from his lofty position in the cab and should have been able to avoid the plaintiff in the roadway.

Unfortunately, the truck ran directly into the young man causing serious and permanent bodily injury and brain damage. Attorney Hamilton hired 10 separate damage witnesses to evaluate the injured plaintiff and testify at trial. The trucking company originally denied liability but on the eve of trial paid $2 million to settle. Most of the money was placed into a structured settlement which will provide the plaintiff with benefits for the rest of his life. It was an honor to be able to help this client secure the help that they need.

$1.2 Million – Pedestrian Accident Settlement

The plaintiffs were walking were walking southbound along Croton Road on the bicycle path and stopped at its intersection with Treeline Boulevard. The defendant was driving his automobile southbound on Croton and attempting to turn left onto Treeline Boulevard. The other defendant was traveling northbound on Croton at an excessive rate of speed when his vehicle struck the turning vehicle operated by the first defendant forcing his vehicle toward the bike path striking the two pedestrians.

One of our clients suffered a fracture of the left clavicle, injury to the left shoulder and multiple lacerations on the scalp and knees. He had a loss of consciousness immediately following the trauma and suffered from dizziness.

Our other client suffered fractures of the right tibia, left femur, left ankle, left calcaneus, right fifth metacarpal, tears of the right knee ligament and meniscus, and multiple lacerations on the upper and lower extremities. She developed an infection following a bone graft.

S. Sammy Cacciatore obtained a joint settlement of $1,200.000.00.

$2 million – Pedestrian Injury settlement

Plaintiff pedestrian was struck on I-95 by a Mack truck in St. Lucie County. He had stopped as a good Samaritan to pick-up a ladder that was a hazard laying in the highway. Jack Hamilton hired a truck driving expert to help show how the truck driver was negligent in failing to follow proper procedures in maintaining control of his vehicle. The case settled on the eve of trial for $2 Million.

$621,000 – Pedestrian Injury Trial

Our client, a 28-year-old pedestrian, was walking across the southbound lanes of State Road A1A between 1st Street North and Minuteman Causeway in Cocoa Beach when he was struck by a vehicle driven by an elderly woman traveling southbound on A1A. As a result of this collision, the victim sustained a fractured pubic ramus and a closed head injury.

Through discovery, the attorneys of Nance Cacciatore uncovered the fact that the negligent driver’s eyesight was severely impaired at the time of the wreck to the point that she did not qualify to hold a Florida driver’s license.

S. Sammy Cacciatore and Chip Barger obtained a verdict at trial in this case in the amount of $621,589.70 from the negligent driver on behalf of the Plaintiff.

$250,000 – Pedestrian Injury at Valet Stand

While at a local hospital, our client was valet parking his vehicle. As he exited his vehicle, he reached back into his car to get his cane, when the Defendant driver collided with the rear of the Plaintiff’s vehicle. Although it was a minor impact, the movement of the Plaintiff’s car after impact caused the Plaintiff to fall to the ground. The Plaintiff suffered a hip injury that required surgery.

Nance Cacciatore collected the policy limits from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

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