Motorcycle Accident Verdicts

$1.2 Million – Motorcycle Accident Settlement

The Plaintiff was seriously and permanently injured when a driver of an Enterprise Rent-a-Car turned in front of him while he was riding his motorcycle. He was forced to lay down the bike and in doing so suffered orthopedic injuries as well as a closed head injury. The Plaintiff was represented by Attorney Jack Hamilton and the case was settled at a mediation conference for $1.2 million. Most of the proceeds from that settlement were placed into a structured annuity which will pay the Plaintiff benefits for the rest of his life.

$1.25 Million – Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Nance Cacciatore obtained a $1.25 million settlement for a Satellite Beach man serving in the Marine Corps and stationed at Camp Pendleton who was involved in a motorcycle/van accident in Los Angeles, California, that resulted in brain damage.

$1.2 Million – Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Our client was heading southbound on US 1 on his Indian motorcycle, not wearing a helmet, when the defendant made a left turn in front of him, violating his right-of-way. Various witnesses to the accident testified that the defendant must not have seen our client and also testified that our client was traveling within 5 mph of the posted 45 mph zone.

Due to the nature of the impact, the plaintiff was thrown some 10 feet into the air and landed on his back on the asphalt. He was unconscious at the scene and bleeding from his ears and mouth. He spent the next 8 days in an induced coma. He was ultimately diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, left temporal bone skull fracture, post-traumatic epilepsy and seizure disorder, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and a balance disorder. He was unable to return to his occupation in the automotive field. Nance Cacciatore settled with all insurance companies involved for $1.2 million.

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