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Dram Shop LiaiblityIf a bar or restaurant knowingly serves an underage or alcoholic driver and they later cause a serious accident, Florida law holds the bar responsible for property damage, injuries, and death caused by the drunk driver. The law, known as Florida’s Dram Shop Act, also holds social hosts liable in the same way. If a private party makes alcohol available to minors or the habitually addicted, the host can be held responsible for any injuries that result.

At Nance Cacciatore, our lawyers are knowledgeable about Florida’s dram shop law. On behalf of clients injured by drunk drivers, we have successfully sued bars, restaurants, sports stadiums, and other places where liquor is sold or provided.

We have also been successful in claims against individuals who held parties and gave alcohol to underage attendees. If you suspect that your auto accident was caused by a drunk driver who received alcohol in violation of the Dram Shop Act, contact our Melbourne Fl dram shop attorneys to learn if you have a case.

Florida Dram Shop law provides penalties to those who sell or provide alcohol to underage or alcoholic drinkers and who cause an accident

Many violations of the law occur when establishments fail to ask for identification or who knowingly accept fake IDs from minors. To pursue this type of case, the attorney needs to be able to prove that the establishment sold the alcohol improperly. This usually involves interviewing witnesses as well as reviewing credit card statements and video camera tapes to prove that the bar failed to ask for ID or accepted false identification.

Other situations arise when adults provide liquor to teenagers at private house parties. There have been a number of cases in Brevard County of graduation parties, birthday parties, and other gatherings of young people that turned into tragedy because the parents thought that they were protecting the kids by supervising them when serving them liquor. What the parents in these situations failed to realize is that their actions were against the law. When adults provide alcohol to young people not of legal drinking age, they are liable for any injuries, death, and property damage that the young people cause.

If you or a loved one was injured or killed by a teenager driving drunk, contact our law firm to learn if you may have a case under the Florida Dram Shop Act.

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