Defective Products and Drugs

Thousands of people are injured or killed every year by defective products and/or defective drugs.

Here at Nance Cacciatore we take on the large corporations and fight for the injured individuals. If you feel that you have a claim for a defective product or drug, contact an experienced attorney at Nance Cacciatore for a free legal consultation.

As a consumer, you should be able to trust that the products you purchase are safe to use. However, the unfortunate reality is that consumers are often injured by products and medications they use every day. Seat belts fail to operate. Automobile gas tanks catch fire. Ladders collapse. Prescription drugs cause severe injuries. The list of potential harmful products and drugs is endless. If you think you have a case, contact us for a free legal consultation.

What is Products Liability?

In a products liability action, the consumer holds the manufacturer of the product accountable for the injuries caused by the defective product. When injured by a defective product, you may have a claim against the manufacturer, distributor or the retailer. As an injured consumer, your claim may include compensation for medical bills, loss wages, loss of consortium and pain & suffering. In some cases you may even be entitled to punitive damages.

What are Defective Drugs?

Both prescription and over-the-counter drugs can have dangerous side effects. Thousands of people each year are injured by defective drugs and defective medical devices. The list of defective drugs and medical devices is expansive. Nance Cacciatore is currently evaluating all defective drug claims. If you have suffered an injury from using a defective pharmaceutical product, contact a Florida defective drug attorney at Nance Cacciatore for a free legal consultation and case evaluation.

How do you know if you have a claim?

If you have been injured by a defective product or drug, contact Nance Cacciatore today for your free legal consultation. Let the experienced team of attorneys at Nance Cacciatore evaluate your claim and discuss your options. Call today for your free case evaluation.

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