Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Angry couple arguing with insurance manager about bad faith insurance practice
When we buy insurance – whether automobile, health, or life – we expect that after paying our premiums month after month, year after year, that if the time comes when we need our insurance, it will be there for us. And that should be the case! Unfortunately, many insurance companies let down their customers and
Front of light gray color car, damaged and broken by accident on road in morning time.
Have you ever thought about what would happen if another car hit your car while in motion? You may have learned in Driver’s Education about which way to turn the steering wheel to help regain control while your vehicle spins. But how many of us remember that significant piece of information, especially during a car

Don’t Let Zantac Rob You of Your Health

Woman reading medicine leaflet for possible health issues and side effects before taking prescription
You have probably seen commercials on the television regarding various lawsuits against the manufacturers of different medications. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider the commercials trying to sell us these medications. “Possible side effects include stomach pain, headaches, arm numbness, left foot randomly falling off, teeth growing out of your head,

Zantac Does More Harm Than Good

Female patient at the doctor appointment refuses to take prescribed Zantac medication, believes that it causes harm to her body
When your physician prescribes medication or suggests an over-the-counter medication to buy, you trust him. It rarely, if ever, crosses your mind that the medicine may do you more harm than good. After all, the purpose of medications is to help you feel better. Why would you assume they would have the opposite effect? What
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