Part of being a good driver is knowing not just the basic rules of the road, but it is also knowing all those other little details that go along with driving.  Over the years, some beliefs about driving have become ingrained in our culture.  Perhaps it is because it was taught to us as young
As attorneys specializing in personal injury lawsuits, the first thing we can say is that it is good news that nobody was injured in the other vehicle!  We hope you are uninjured, as well.  Generally, if you hit an unoccupied vehicle, then you are going at a low rate of speed.  Why?  Well, unoccupied vehicles

Legal Help for Water Accidents

For those who have never been to Florida and fly here from another state, they are often amazed at how much water they see from the window of the airplane.  From an aerial view, our state looks like it is made up strictly of lush green areas interspersed frequently with bodies of water – ponds,

Dangers for Teen Drivers

If you have a teen driver (or more than one!) in the house, then we know you are already concerned about their safety when they are out on the road.  No matter how many times you instruct your kids on driving safety, you wonder if they are really taking it in, if they are following